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Vietnam is a country where Indian passport holders are allowed visa on arrival. This has helped travellers on business trips as well as casual tourists. 
Who can apply?

Every Indian passport holder can apply for visa on arrival. Only thing to be noted is that passports should have a minimum validity of six months from the date of arrival in Vietnam. Also, visa on arrival will allowed only for those travelling by air.

Vietnam visa services for all help

Before planning the trip to Vietnam, it is advisable to apply online for visa on arrival. For this, a visa approval letter has to be submitted through a reliable agency. Please click here to know more details about obtaining approval letter and other formalities. On getting approval letter, travel to Vietnam is hassle free. Arrive and leave at your convenience without facing any regulatory issues.
Vietnam visa services helps Indians procure visa on arrival
What makes Vietnam Visa Service one of the most Convenient One for Indian Travelers? 
Usually, traveling to any international relations comes with a lot of baggage and even before one can plan the itinerary for an enjoyable vacation, they have to worry a lot of about travel arrangements, of which acquiring a Visa is of paramount importance. Thankfully, there are options for Indian passport holders to apply for Visa on arrival in Vietnam and the Vietnam Visa policy is such thatprovides a smooth experience for all of them. 
The two major advantages of Vietnam Visa Service: 

·         Their policy makes the process a lot more inexpensive with only two kinds of fees to be paid- the first being the online service fees and the next being the amount to be paid to the immigration officer in Vietnam after arrival to get the Visa stamped. An online travel agent will be able to help the tourist through every process of the application.

·         India shares very good diplomatic relations with Vietnam and that is reflected in the manner of ease with which Indian tourists can visit that country. The Vietnam Immigration Department is the only authority in charge of the visa service and that makes it unnecessary for Indian tourists to work with any of the embassies.